Frequently Asked Questions at Crestford University

Admissions FAQ's

When can I apply for admission?

As Crestford University is completely online, admissions are open round the year and you can enroll for a program of your choice at any time of the year.

How can I reduce my tuition?

There are many ways you can use to reduce your tuition at Crestford University. Some of them include grants, scholarships and credit transfers. More on Financial Aid

Can I qualify for scholarship?

About 90% of the total applicants qualify for Crestford 's scholarships and are able to reduce their tuition up to 75%. Your chances of qualifying are bright as well.

How fast can I complete my program?

All degree and non-degree programs at Crestford University are completely self-paced. It's entirely up to you how quickly you can complete your program successfully.

Is Crestford Education recognized?

Crestford University is accredited by IAO which guarantees the high quality of education that we deliver. All of our programs are accepted and recognized worldwide. More on Accreditation

I live outside the USA. Can I study at Crestford?

Crestford education is truly global. No matter where in the world you are, you're encouraged to benefit from Crestford 's high quality, flexible and affordable education. More on Global Presence

Careers FAQ's

Does Crestford provide free career services?

Yes. Crestford University features a dedicated team of career counselors who provide free career development services to all Crestford graduates.

What career services does Crestford offer?

Crestford University's career development services include cover letter & resume writing, career counseling and job placement services. More on Career Services

Does Crestford offer job guarantee to graduates?

Crestford 's team of professional career counselors is committed to helping you map your career and land the right job. They'll do their best to find you a job that's a perfect match for you profile.

How does Crestford education help in career growth?

All of Crestford 's programs are highly industry-responsive, preparing students to be job-ready after graduation. So far, about 85% of our graduates have reported remarkable career growth immediately after graduating from Crestford.

How can I get career advice from Crestford?

If you're an Crestford student or alumnus, you can sign up for our monthly careers newsletter and get regular career advice. Alternatively, you can talk to one of our career counselors any time on 1-866-879-2320.

What is the best time/day to reach Crestford 's career services?

Our career development services are operative 24/7 including weekends and holidays. You can reach us on any day at any time and get your career-related queries answered.

Got questions?

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Why Crestford university

  • 96% of employers rate the performance of Crestford graduates as exceptional or proficient.
  • 98% of Crestford students find their educational experience "outstanding."
  • About 70% of Crestford students are working professionals.
  • Crestford University is the first choice for working adults and jobseekers worldwide.
  • 70% of Crestford graduates found better jobs within 3 months after graduation.
  • Crestford University's student base has grown up to 100% in the last 2 years.
  • A huge 98% of alumni rated Crestford career services as "extremely helpful."
  • Crestford 's 24/7 student support services are ranked among the best in the world.
  • Crestford 's financial aid is ranked among the best of today's top institutions.
  • Up to 80% of applicants qualify for Crestford 's grants and scholarships.
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