From Enrollment to Graduation – Everything's Online

With Crestford 's 100% online educational experience, commuting to the campus to physically attend classes is a thing of the past. You can enroll, activate courses, pay fees, apply for scholarships and credit transfers, attend classes, take assessments, and do a lot more – all straight from the comfort of your home using a computer.


Simplifying the entire educational process, we at Crestford University have brought it literally to your fingertips. Digital to their core, all of Crestford 's self-paced degree and non-degree programs offer students an unmatched ease of pausing and resuming their program with a mere click of the mouse.

Student & Alumni Area

All students and graduates of Crestford University enjoy dedicated account areas on Crestford’s website. Students are able to manage their entire program using their student area. It is through this area that students undertake all the administrative tasks related to their program, right from course selection and fee payment to taking assessments and ordering graduation packs. Alumni are able to stay in touch with latest Crestford happenings and new program offerings through their alumni area.

Online Classrooms

Crestford’s state-of-the-art online classrooms are students’ digital gateway to a world-class education. Major contents of our digital classrooms include course material, video and audio lectures, text based lessons and live video instruction from Crestford’s qualified faculty. Assessment rooms, also a part of the online classroom, contain assessments for each course that a student has selected. Crestford’s feature-rich online classrooms make the pursuit of quality higher education even more flexible for our students.

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