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Crestford University's mission is to help students develop and cultivate their talents so that they ultimately grow to become able professionals and make positive contributions towards their society and the world. For this purpose, Crestford University offers career development services that help students as well as alumni find better and more lucrative employment opportunities across the globe. These services are provided at virtually no cost to the student and are designed to augment students' career profiles and provide a window towards better opportunities.


Some of the Career Development Services offered at Crestford University are listed below:


Crestford University's Career Development Services

Cover Letter and Resume Writing Services

Our writing experts help students draft a resume and cover letter that will wow their prospective employer! With their help, students are able to learn the essentials of resume writing and cover letter writing and incorporate these as a part of their skill set.


Career Counseling Services

With our career counseling services, students will be able to gain valuable insight into the workings of the business environment and how to deal with the many challenges that are bound to appear in the workplace. Our guidance counselors are trained to attend to students' every need and can thus help them with questions pertaining to job search, interview and even a change in career.


Job Placement Services

With its wide array of partnerships with leading corporate organizations located around the world, Crestford University is able to establish a bridge between students and prospective employers, thus giving them the opportunity to launch their careers. Students and alumni alike are easily able to access these big corporate names via Crestford University job placement executives.

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